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#2020Wrapped: Our year in review

Wow! This year has been so crazy?!? Can you believe that 2020 is already over? I can’t. There were so many sweets and sours in 2020, we broke into the New Year thinking that 2020 was going to the best year ever! However, that didn’t quite happen, to this day COVID-19 is still taking over our daily lives, people are losing their jobs, people are going homeless and hungry at a rate never seen before. But we’re not here to talk about all of that, we’re here to talk about what Afterthought System as a company accomplished this year! I’ll start off with a month-to-month breakdown of a highlight of the month, summarize some highlights and conclude.

Our Year

January- We started off the year on a rough path. We immediately had speed issues that we knew needed to be addressed ASAP, so we did exactly that. We then decided to make the decision to remove free plans from our system. Toward the end of the month, we opened up some job opportunities for a Customer Experience Specialist.

February- Throughout February we conducted multiple maintenance sessions to continue to optimize our system. During this month we were housing over 1,000 users in a single day which did put a slight strain on our system, but was quickly addressed. We also had added a feedback module which collected feedback from users to us, we took this constructive feedback and made improvements.

March- This month was tough on a lot of this, for many of us this was when COVID-19 lockdowns were initiated. We notified our team that there is going to be an expected surge on users relying on our system. Our CEO, Drake Dussault announced that we would be happy helping to accommodate customers who may need extension of payment deadlines. We also started to work on some User Interface changes during this period of time.

April- We started the month off by announcing the ability to whitelabel your Afterthought System community onto your own custom domain using iFrame. We also hired Yesin, formerly Customer Experience Coordinator onto the Afterthought System team, in the same month we did decide to offer live chat support due to our team availability, we continued to offer Discord and email support. Drake and Dylan a developer and CEO were deployed as healthcare providers to aid those in Pennsylvania due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We also announced on April 22nd, 2020 that we would start a new project on redeveloping Afterthought System into Afterthought System 2.0 with the suggestions provided by users taken into consideration. We also had a survey handed out, a giveaway that month, tried out offering hosting powered by GoDaddy.

May- We received reports of an individual attempting to copy our system and impersonate Afterthought System Employees. This prompted our legal team to take thorough action. During the month of May, we also announced our updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy which would take effect later during the year. We also decided to no longer offer hosting services as it wasn’t successful and sustainable.

June- We announced a new community partners program which had an outline of requirements. This allowed Afterthought System to engage with customers and users that are on our service. We did make an announcement that we’d have to delay the launch of Afterthought System 2.0 due to some development delays. Additionally, we switched Customer Support Software providers over to Crisp and started to offer live chat once again.

July- We started the month off with a giveaway, we also launched efforts to survey a body of our user base gain a better understanding of who were using our system, etc to improve. We had many changes in terms of development and ongoing developments of the company. During this month we also announced our blog, which you’re reading this year in review on right now!

August- During August we reorganized our Discord server, but did not proceed with changes we had stated we might consider proceeding on the month prior. This month I started to write monthly updates to allow our users to get a better sense of what has been worked on in a month-to-month breakdown. Our CEO did go on a Leave of Absence during this month in which there was a change in leadership, during this time there was an announcement that went out in regards to discontinuing the offering of Discord support, this had been on our mind for a while and finally initiated it.

September- We started off the month by discontinuing the offering of Discord support. We then made changes once again to the support software our internal team would use to support our customers and users. During this month, we started to branch out into the Bubble Marketplace by launching a new CSS plugin that providers hover effects to the users in the Bubble community. We provided a sneak peek of our new system, released a free CAD/MDT template of Afterthought 1.0, and also developed a partnership with hosting company, Hosturly, LLC based in Fresno, California. We also announced that we’d use Atlassian Statuspage to let our users be aware of active incidents occurring in the future.

October- We released a monthly update of both August and September, and also released our forum powered by Discourse and Digital Ocean that the team had worked on.

November– We released our November monthly update on our blog. We then resolved many issues individuals had been having with adblocker on our website, along with that announcement we also started to deploy new Afterthought System updates chunk by chunk because we realized that if we published a big update it would have caused major adjustment issues to users and customers. Our new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy was also in effect. During this month we also purchased a shortened version of our Afterthought System domain name- aftsys.us, this allowed us to provide long links in a shortened and more branded way. We launched another survey to hear more from our users and customers about their experience. We opened up another position for a Customer Experience Specialist which was quickly filled. Toward the end of November, we had a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale along with offering whitelabeling to all of our customers once again. We had a ton of engineering product updates during this month.

December- Wow! The year has really passed by… we concluded our Cyber Monday sale on the first week of December then continued on with starting a Christmas/Holiday Season giveaway campaign! Our CEO, Drake Dussault announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19 and would take a leave, shortly after we announced a new pricing model aligned toward one of our company’s goals which was affordability. We continued to have community conversations in regards to what the community wanted to see from us, giveaways, development updates and so much more!

Yes, that’s about it for the year… seemed quick right?!?!

Some stats for 2020

Here’s some stats for 2020 in terms of our system!

  • We handled over 10,000 users (including pruned ones) this year
  • We sent over 27,411 emails from our website this year alone
  • Don’t have an exact number but we served a lot of customers this year through our various customer support software

Website Analytics powered by Google Analytics

  • Served over 17,018 users on our site this year over 16,769 new users
  • Over 90,592 sessions on our website
  • Over 318,684 page views

Technical Analytics

  • We’ve ran over 1,546,066 workflows this year on our website
  • Consumed over 5GB of file storage

Our plans for Q1 of 2021

We have some goals set for the first quarter of 2021 (between Jan 1st, 2021 – March 31, 2020). There’s always room for improvement and expansion in Afterthought System, so here are some goals we have!

  • Launch a new Dynamic Application System- a new product in our product line
  • Improve company sustainability by creating a community-like atmosphere, allowing easy access to our support specialist.
  • Actively seek out large communities who would like to consider utilizing Afterthought System, allowing for internal growth opportunities
  • Gain 1 more community partner, so if you’re interested check out: https://aftsys.us/community-partnership
  • Launch the Server Discovery page for communities and users

Thanks for reading this year’s- year in review! We hope to continue to do this on an annual basis, but for now, we’re ready to break into the New Year #2021 with everyone! Happy New Year!

In Community,
Drake, Johnny , and the Afterthought System Team