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August 2020 – Monthly Update

Hi all,

Thanks for reading the first ever monthly update! This is something I want to try out for the future, providing a monthly digest of what has happened throughout Afterthought System, LLC, and I have to say, a lot has happened over the past month!

This month had a mixture of both setbacks wins. We have made some progress on some big things for the company and our team has also been working on some exciting new updates on Afterthought System 2.0 updates.

Announcements throughout the month

Last month we made a few announcements to the community. These announcements included exciting expansion of Afterthought System, LLC.

The team has been busy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our staffing is currently limited, so our team has been working about half the hours we would usually. Our staff has also been busy outside of work which caused some delays. As a result of this, our Lead Developer and CEO, Drake Dussault did a evaluation on the progress of Afterthought System 2.0 on July 10th, 2020 and deemed that we were not on track for the launch of Afterthought System 2.0 on August 1st, 2020. He further announced that there was going to be a delay on the Afterthought System 2.0 launch, which is now scheduled for September 1st, 2020 instead.

The end goal of Afterthought System was never just providing CAD/MDT systems for online roleplaying communities. We had a goal of being able to provide services for the real-life businesses throughout the nation, we wanted to be a web development company that would help small businesses like barber shops create a web software to make their business more fluid. With that, we announced that this month we would migrate the CAD/MDT system which currently sits on the domain afterthought-system.com over to app.afterthought-system.com. Unfortunately that did not happen, our team didn’t realize the many logistical problems that would arise if we did this switch, so we will be holding off on this switch.

With that being said, the team wanted to hear more from our users and customers, so in the beginning of the month our customer success team sent out a survey to our users and customers to get some feedback. The reasoning behind this was to get a better understanding of what the experience is like at Afterthought System. We wanted to hear from both our customer’s point of view and our user’s point of view. This survey allowed us to better understand how our customer success team was doing, how the overall experience on our website was, and how we could improve knowing this. If you are a customer or user and haven’t filled out the survey yet, you can do so below!

To fill out the survey, click here.

In addition to the many things that happened last month, we announced the launch of Afterthought System’s very own blog which is where you are reading this post from! The idea of this was to provide a solid way for us to communicate with our users and customers. We want to be as transparent as possible and we believed that this would be a great way to do so!

Alright, enough of talking about the announcements from last month, you probably want to hear what we’ve been up to!

Afterthought System 2.0 Update

You all probably want to know what is going on with Afterthought System 2.0! First, I have to say that unfortunately, we will no longer be sending out screenshots with updates of the system. We have recently had cases of impersonation and individuals copying our system. Therefore, we have decided to stop sending screenshots.

Over the past month, we have been working on a newly designed invite page for our communities to be able to provide the best experience to their users when logging in or signing up for their community. This new invite page would result in our communities needing to change their invite links when launched, however, the sacrifices are great! We will be adding an ability for community admins to add alerts, these alerts will automatically appear on the invite page with whatever message you would like to include, these alerts will only be visible on the invite page, they will not be visible on the community home or MDT, etc.

We also know how important the admin panel is to our community administrators and owners, so we have really been taking our time with this. We added newly designed sidebars that expand out, new menu items in the navigation along with more permission enforcement and privacy rules. Our privacy settings are currently up on a high notch and can sometimes make mistakes, so we have reworked this system on our admin page by detecting the community through the URL. This makes it easy for the system to detect when there is an intruder trying to get in the admin panel, it will automatically flag our system and may take actions such as banning a user. When a user is banned by the automatic system, they will need to contact the Afterthought System Support Team to review the issue and decide how to proceed. In addition to our extra security measures, we have also cleaned up the user interface and user experience on the admin panel. It has a new clean and fresh look.

The new MDT has unfortunately not been worked on much over the month. We hoped to have worked on this more, but our plan is to finish up the admin panel at the beginning of August, then have our developers split up and work on the MDT, Fire MDT, Civilian Manager, and Dispatch CAD. This is a lot of work and there will most likely be bugs on the release of this as a result. Once the bugs are identified and reported on the release of Afterthought System 2.0 our team will be fixing them and pushing out fixes throughout the month. We apologize for this in advance.

This month in numbers

As I said earlier we were pretty understaffed this month and at the same time busy. Check out the numbers we have this month in support requests. We don’t have a comparison from last month because this is our first month with our new support management tool. Here’s a little insight on the company.

• Total number of customers and users who reached out to us through [email protected] or live chat methods: 149

• Average response time: 30 minutes

Things on our mind

We are working hard to make sure that we have the base of the system worked out before September 1st, however we do have some things on our minds about the system. We know that our communities need to do some recruitment in order to function, so we are thinking of offering custom advertisements that would be simple 728×90 banner advertisements placed on the community homepage and the portal. We decided that this would be more friendly throughout our ecosystem instead of having Google Ads on our site. In order to get your own custom banner advertised on our system there would be a fee that comes with it for our customers.

We are also working to find a best solution for subscriptions to be added onto our system, when we figure this out it will be up to our customers if they would like us to implement this feature or not. For the launch of Afterthought System 2.0 we will have invoices for communities where they will have to manually be paid each month. We have had requests to have PayPal as our payment processor in the past, but we are going to continue to stick with Stripe as our payment processor because we have experienced less chargeback issues.

What are our goals for this month?

We have some internal goals we get for our team each month and we would like to share them. Here’s a list of our goals for this month.

• Finish the Admin Panel, have the team look over the admin panel to make sure there are no bugs and that there is everything that is on the current admin panel

• Finish up the invite page, this page is about 75% done, we just need to add some more of the logic in this page to make sure this page doesn’t function when a community is suspended, expired, etc.

• Continue to work on the MDT, more specifically, build the NCIC system, our developer Drake will work on the reports user interface, while I, Johnny will work on the structure of the NCIC system. The same NCIC system will be in the admin panel, so it’ll be built there first.

• If we finish all the tasks above, we hope to finish the remainder of the pages in time for the release of Afterthought System 2.0, so we do not need to push the release date again. We will need to reevaluate towards the end of the month to decide if we will be able to move forward with the Afterthought System 2.0 release.

I also want to add that our Discord server has been renovated, we now have 1 channel where all members can speak in which is the #general channel. In addition, we have also gained access to announcement channels. We are working to apply for the Discord Verified Server program for registered companies, businesses, etc.

Thank you for reading this long monthly update. I hope to continue doing these!

Johnny and the Afterthought System Team