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December 2020 – Monthly Update

Hey all,

Wow! It’s already December, this year has just gone by so quick! I’m back here this month to give you an update on all that has happened during the past month. You can view our last community update here: November 2020 – Monthly Update.

This month has been a productive one. This month’s win has been on the product-end, this month we started our upgrades into a new version of Afterthought System, this new update is v2 of Afterthought System. We decided that completing all upgrades, then pushing a major update would be hard for all our users and customers to adjust, it would also be hard for our team to fix all unforeseen bugs. We’ve also launched marketing efforts, we ran Google Ads and Instagram Ads, give us a holler if you saw some 🙂 We’ve also hired and promoted our team! Let’s get started on the detailed updates.

Welcome Jake, our newly hired Customer Experience Specialist to our team!

Things we’ve done this month

On the product side of things, we’ve made major upgrades to our system and are continuing to make new features and upgrades:
  • Upgrade in User Interface
  • Added company facing pages
    • About Page
    • Home Page
    • Partners Page
  • Added a contact page
  • Migrated from Sendgrid to Postmark due to tons of issues with Sendgrid causing operational impact
  • New Portal Page
  • New 404 Page
  • New Header
  • New Footer
  • New Community Homepage
  • New Community Admin Page
  • New Maintenance Page
  • Added Status Embeds from our Statuspage
  • New Invite Page
  • Released Whitelabeling
  • Added SSO with our website to our forum
We’ve added some third-party applications to our operations:
  • Gitbook is currently being used as our changelog, we are planning to add more documentation on there
  • Statuspage is still our statuspage host
  • We are utilizing Discourse and Digital Ocean for our forum
Community Engagement

We’ve started efforts to engage the community, we’ve had our Discord Server for a while, which as I’m writing this post, has 333 members. We wanted to expand this base and we’ve been tweeting more on our Twitter account, we’ve also started an Instagram account where we post content in relation to Afterthought System. We also have a YouTube channel where we uploaded our first tutorial for whitelabeling.

This month in numbers

  • We received a total of 53 chat sessions
  • We missed a total of 10 chat sessions
  • We had a total of 4 offline messages
  • We had a total of 39 new tickets created
  • We solved 88 tickets
  • We received 28 emails from [email protected]

Some things on our mind

We have quite a bit on our mind for the future of this system. We are planning to upload more tips, tricks, and tutorials on our YouTube channel, along with creating a built-in bug reporting system instead of how we do it currently, which is by sending all reports over via email. @drake has planned and has started to work on a mobile-friendly Civilian Persona Management page, this is huge for our console users and for those without access to a personal computer. We’re also creating a plan to move our a new unit system which will dramatically increase our performance rate, so it is even better performing right now. We hope to do this over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for that!

What we’ve been working on

We’ve been working on a lot of things, but here’s just some that we’ve worked on:

  • Mobile-Friendly Civilian Persona Management Page
  • A new internal bug reporting system
  • Fixing all bugs that arise
  • … and much more

This was quite a long one for this month, but definitely contained a lot of relevant information. Thanks for reading this month’s community update, we truly appreciate the support we get from the community. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected].

Johnny, Drake and the Afterthought System Team