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February 2021 – Monthly Update

Hey all,

Happy February! Yes, it’s already February. One month has passed in 2021 and that means that I’m back here giving another monthly update on the ongoing initiatives we have. If you missed our previous monthly update for January, you can find it here: January 2021 – Monthly Update.

This month has been a bit quiet in terms of development. We’ve been focused on working on the MDT (Mobile Data Terminal), our dynamic application system we’ve been talking about, and fixing up some discovered bugs. This month has been a bit busy for our Sales Team and Customer Experience Team as we did receive a higher load of tickets, but learn more about it all below!

Things we’ve done this month

On the CAD/MDT product end, we haven’t started any new initiatives because we’re still working on finishing up our ongoing initiatives. More specifics are listed below.

  • The continuation of working on a dynamic application system
  • The continuation of working on the new Mobile Data Terminal
  • We have also concluded our beta with Algolia and deemed it not fitting our needs due to the many limitations it has compared to using server CPU power
  • Added a suggestion system (Suggest an Idea)

This is about all we have for this month. It’s definitely significantly less, but we’re working on finishing up a few things before proceeding with new upgrades!

This month in numbers

Below are this month’s numbers from Help Scout, the Customer Service software that we utilize.

  • We received 31 new email conversations total from [email protected] and [email protected] (34% more than the previous period)
  • We received 56 messages (40% more than the previous period)
  • We sent 64 replies (39% more than the previous period)
  • We resolved 29 requests (61% more than the previous period)
  • The typical response time was about 7 hours and 21 minutes (195% higher than the previous period)
  • Our first response time was about 2 hours and 17 minutes (219% higher than the previous period)
  • We received 4 new chat conversations from our help beacon
  • The wait time was 18s (68% faster than the previous period)
  • The average duration was 8 minutes and 16 seconds (31% faster than the previous period)
  • We helped 29 customers (26% more than the previous period)
  • We had a 100% customer satisfaction rate based off about 10% of our customers

Some things on our minds

We are continuing to try to reach out Q1 goals by March which include:

  • Launch a new Dynamic Application System- a new product in our product line
  • Improve company sustainability by creating a community-like atmosphere, allowing easy access to our support specialist.
  • Actively seek out large communities who would like to consider utilizing Afterthought System, allowing for internal growth opportunities
  • Gain 1 more community partner, so if you’re interested check out: https://aftsys.us/community-partnership
  • Launch the Server Discovery page for communities and users

Additionally, we are continuing work to upgrade our core system which consists of our MDT, Fire MDT, CAD, and Civilian Persona Manager. After we’ve done that we’re planning to create mobile friendly versions.

If you see any bugs or have any suggestions please send us a message!
Bug Reports: https://aftsys.us/bug-report
Suggestions: https://aftsys.us/suggest

That’s about all I have for you this month, I hope you enjoyed. If you have any questions or concerns about anything above please leave a reply down in our forum.

Johnny, Drake, and the Afterthought System Team