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Introducing Terminal

This is an official announcement that on April 1st, 2021, we will be moving the CAD/MDT system to a subdomain.

This change will affect any and all white labeling, linking, etc…

We will be moving the CAD/MDT system to the domain: terminal.afterthought-system.com

Along with this change, we will also be referring to the CAD/MDT as the terminal. Our Discord will remain online, and still be the main communication method for us involving the terminal; however, our main website, afterthought-system.com, will be turned into a landing page. This is to help us move more into the private sector for web development.

We will of course still prioritize our terminal system and still be providing constant updates. I am excited that our new MDT system is nearing completion, with one of the only things remaining to be the new report system.

The terminal will be down for a few hours on April 1st, 2021 to accommodate this change.

Drake Dussault
Chief Executive Officer
Afterthought System, LLC