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January 2021 – Monthly Update

Hey all,

Happy New Year! It’s 2021! I’m back here after the year in review to deliver an update of what’s happened over the past month. If you missed our last monthly update for December, you can find it here: December 2020 – Monthly Update.

This month has been a bit slow, with many holidays and breaks that our team has taken. Our Engineering Team is out of the office and not working on the core system until January 4th, 2021. However, the Customer Experience Team is still online as always! This month we’ve been working on a new product to add to our product line, the ultimate goal here at Afterthought System hasn’t always been to simply run a CAD/MDT system and make it available to roleplaying communities, but to also reach out into building applications that can be used in the real world. Our new product, which I’ll talk a little more about soon does apply to roleplay, but can also be applied to real-life instances.

Things we’ve done this month

On the CAD/MDT product end, we haven’t done much besides working to implement new features into the system for a future release. Additionally, we’ve been working on a new product to add to our product line. More specifics are listed below.

  • Launched two-factor authentication into our system (read more about it here)
  • Launched a new pricing model to provide more affordable solutions with annual plans as well (read more about it here)
  • Added the ability to use custom slugs for your community invite page (more on it here)
  • Started on our mobile-friendliness initiative by launching a mobile page for our civilian persona manager (more about it here)
  • Started a BETA using Algolia’s Search API (more about it here)

That’s about all we’ve worked on this month.

This month in numbers

This month we did make a few switches between Customer Service Software and we decided to stick with Help Scout. Here’s this month’s numbers according to Help Scout’s reports.

  • We received about 30 new ticket requests ([email protected])
  • We had 23 customers reach us via [email protected]
  • Our most busiest day was Mondays
  • We had a 100% great rating on all of our conversations based off 13% of our customers

Some things on our mind

We’re planning to release this new dynamic application system really soon which will be a major change for Afterthought System as a company moving into offering different products. We’re wanting to launch the new unit system in phases, so starting from the MDT then progressing from there so our users can adjust to changes made. We also want to increase the amount of engagement between our community and our team, we love community engagement! Additionally, we’re working to put out some documentation on our Help Scout help center at help.afterthought-system.com.

We’re also wanting to create a built in releases page or development changelog on our website, so it can all be on the main website compared to on Gitbook where we host the docs.afterthought-system.com domain currently.

What we’ve been working on

This month, the main highlight that we’ve been working on is a new product that’s being added to our product line very soon! The product is a dynamic application system. We’re also currently working on a new MDT compatible with our new unit system that’s being developed and this also involves working to implement a new unit system. This unit system will make ridealongs more streamlined in the core system along with the implementing of FiveM integration.

What is a Dynamic Application System?

A dynamic application system is a way for you to create applications for users to fill out on a separate web application all on the frontend for your community rather than having it be edited in the backend and have hard coded questions inputted.

To clarify what frontend and backend mean:

Frontend- What you and your users see based on a website URL, for example, an example of frontend is on the Afterthought System Community Admin panel where you can edit your community settings instead of having to do it in a less user friendly way.

Backend- What you don’t see, what the computers in the background do for you, but in our case editing the site itself on the interface that you do not see requiring some technical knowledge.

How can I buy one?

We’re still working on it and will need to test it out before it’s put in a full mass production stage without bugs, etc. However, if you’re interested in this you can get in contact with our sales team, then they’ll let you know when it’s available for purchase. You can reach out sales team at aftsys.us/sales or at [email protected] via email.

That’s about all we have for this month! To keep up to date with updates we make over the month join our forum at forum.afterthought-system.com! Feel free to create a thread to simply just have a chat with us! Like we said, we love community engagement so we’ll get back to you!

Also, check out our Twitter at twitter.com/afterthoughtsys we post content on there very frequently! Follow us on Instagram at instagram.com/afterthoughtsystem to keep connected with us there as well!

Have a happy new year!

Johnny, Drake, and the Afterthought System Team