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November 2020 – Monthly Update

Hey all,

This monthly update is our latest community update. You can view our last community update here: October 2020 – Monthly Update.

This month, our team has put a lot of work into building Afterthought System 2.0 and some website expansions involved with that for new products we’ll be offering and some internal applications that will help make the process with bug reporting smoother. Additionally, we’ve been doing some research to find the best customer support software that we might consider purchasing once we launch Afterthought System 2.0. These things done during this month are absolutely necessary for the future of Afterthought System as a company and a CAD/MDT provider.

Things we’ve done this month:

On the project side of things, we’ve made some progress in terms of development and innovation:

  • Create a contact page where you can reach our support team, sales team, and will soon be able to file bug reports and view previous bug reports. (This page was made mobile responsive)
  • Developed a new user-friendly pricing page with product comparison (This was made mobile responsive)
  • Work on the Mobile Data Terminal
  • Development of Mobile Data Terminal NCIC system
  • Development of reports (incident reports, citations, warnings, etc) – PDF styled reports

On the community side of things:

  • We launched our forum page for the community
  • We’ve added some help articles on our forum page
This month in numbers:
  • We received a total of 34 chat sessions
  • We missed a total of 10 chat sessions
  • We got a total of 3 offline messages
  • We created 12 new tickets
  • We solved 10 of those tickets
  • We received 7 support requests at [email protected]
Things on our minds:

We want to be able to finish up Afterthought System Version 2.0 as soon as we can, beta test, and make sure everything is functioning properly with no bugs, no security flaws, and no privacy flaws. Once we complete the system and test it we will schedule a day where we will have a maintenance period to push out the update. Our main goal is to make sure that there aren’t any bugs, but if there are any on release we will try to patch them and push them out as soon as we can. We’ll talk more about that once the time comes.

What we’re currently working on:
  • We’re currently still working on trying to finish up the Mobile Data Terminal with the top-tier features
  • We’re working on the pricing page, making it mobile responsive and making sure that the user experience when purchasing a plan is seamless and to ensure that all the logic is there
  • We’re looking into some Customer Service Software we can use in the future that would be suitable for the team and good for our customers
  • We’re working on the community homepage for our communities
What we’re planning to get done this month:
  • We want to finish up the reports section of the Mobile Data Terminal
  • We want to finish the pricing page with a newly designed user experience
  • Finish up the community admin panel

Thanks again for reading this monthly update- we truly appreciate all the support we get from the community.

Johnny, Drake, and the Afterthought System Team