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October 2020 – Monthly Update

Hi folks,

Happy October, Halloween is coming soon with some much more to come! A month has finally passed, so that means a brief update about what happened last month. We skipped last month’s post because we didn’t have much to talk about. This month, I’m a few days late, I’ve had a lot going on over the past week, but a new monthly update is finally here!

This month has been a very productive month, Drake and I were back working on Afterthought System and thinking about the future of Afterthought System, LLC. We made some new additions and changes internally, along with doing a load of development on the system.

Announcements throughout the month

Over the past month, we made a few announcements to the community. They were very exciting things with the company, our product, our customer engagement and much more! Let’s start from the very beginning of last month.

We started the month off once again, changing our live chat provider due to the high costs we were paying before. The previous software we used was not affordable for us anymore, so we decided to switch back to our very first live chat platform Tawk.to. In addition, we also removed our Discord Ticketing system. This means that we are no longer actively offering Discord support, our team may manually create channels to act as tickets when we see fit.

Shortly after, we released a new hover effect plugin on the Bubble Marketplace for users to purchase. This is something that we actively use on our system, so we decided to make a plugin out of it and release it to the public for a one-time payment of $3. Check out the plugin below and get it for yourself today!

Forum Post: https://forum.bubble.io/t/hover-effect-simple-easy-clean-hover-effects/109932
Plugin Page: https://bubble.io/plugin/hover-effect-1599252204244×181086094871756800
Demo Application: https://hover-effect-demo.bubbleapps.io/

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our plugin please feel free to reach out!

On August 8th, we announced that we are going to be temporarily lowering our requirements for community partnerships, the details are listed below:

Temporary Requirements:

  • Must be on Starter Plan or higher
  • Must have 100+ active members
  • Have a dedicated channel for the Afterthought System Team to post an advertisement. This channel must be visible to all users of your community.
  • There will need to be a dedicated tag for Afterthought System Team on your Discord server

What we offer:

  • A dedicated channel in our Discord server for advertisement (Everything posted cannot violate our Terms of Service, or Privacy Policy)
  • On our website’s community partners page we will add your community’s logo with a link to your community’s website (Starting TBD – Not current)
  • A dedicated support member from the Afterthought System Team to provide exclusive updates during system outages, along with posting updates to your community in a channel of your choice
  • A partner tag on our Discord Server

Toward the beginning of the month, we had a security breach that automatically locked our system down. No customer or user data was exposed. The statement below was from our CEO, Drake Dussault.

"I wanted to address the system maintenance that was automatically triggered today.

We have several triggers built into the system that set the system into automatic emergency maintenance mode. These are safeguards designed to protect your data and information.

Today, at approximately 1:47 PM, the system detected an account attempting to gain access to our master admin panel. Normally, this would just trigger that user to go to a 404 error page and make them move along.

Somehow, this individual was able to actually load the admin page. Luckily, we have systems and checks built in to the page itself. No data was ever displayed. No data was "unsecure" for any moment of time. The only thing this intruder saw was a blank and empty page.

However, to protect the system, Johnny and I developed a safeguard that sets our system to automatically lock down fully when a user without proper authentication loads the page. That was triggered, and it locked the system down.

I spent the past while combing through data and logs to ensure at no point no data was compromised, and had to make sure it was completely safe to take the system off the lockdown status.

I apologize for this inconvenience, and am glad to say the system is fully restored."

On September 13th, we opened the development version of our system very briefly to our users and customers to receive feedback. This was available for 4 hours, after the 4 hours we locked up our development version as it is today. The thought behind this was for our customers and users to give us feedback on what they thought about the system we’re developing and what we can do to improve it if anything.

We then released the first version of Afterthought, the single/individual CAD/MDT system because we’ve seen that other organizations had attempted to steal and sell our work without permission. Since we were no longer in need of the system we decided to release it to the public under an Open Source License. Get your own template today using the link below!

Template: https://forum.bubble.io/t/free-roleplay-cad-mdt-afterthought-system/111617

Additionally, we had very exciting news that we announced on September 15th regarding a partnership with Hosturly, LLC a web hosting company. You can find more information on them in a blog post I wrote linked below.

Blog Post: https://blog.afterthought-system.com/partnership-with-hosutrly/

We also switched over to Atlassian’s Statuspage. We know we have switched statuspages numerous times over the past few months. Each statuspage had different unique features to it that benefited our team internally and our customers and users. We are deciding to stick with Atlassian Statuspage for the time being until we find a better option that is both affordable and fits our needs. You can find our statuspage below.

Statuspage: https://afterthought-system.statuspage.io

Afterthought System 2.0

Woah, it’s been a few months now. We’ve done a lot of work over the past two months. Drake completely redesigned the UX of our MDT and Administrator Panel pages. All pages and modules can now be directly linked to, if you’re questioning if you are suppose to approve someone you can copy and paste the link in your browser URL bar directly to someone who can verify for you! I’ve worked on the responsiveness of our company pages, the team believed that responsiveness of our website was an important factor because it would rank our website higher in terms of SEO. In addition, we’ve been slowly progressing with more functionality on our system and are smooth sailing. We are not going to announce a release date until we know that this new version is completed and ready for our customers and users. We have also been posting some screenshots of development in our Discord server. Most of the screenshots posted are limited to our customers only, so if you are a current customer of Afterthought System, please join our Discord server and reach out to us to get verified!

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/P6XDw3v
Contact Us: [email protected]

The month of August and September in numbers

We’re back to being fully staffed and ready to help all of our customers and users! Below is the number of support requests we received along with some website traffic statistics.

  • Total Number of requests via [email protected]: 19
  • Total Number of requests via live chat: 50
  • Total Number of users: 1.5K
  • Total Number of sessions: 6.8K

Things on our minds

We are always thinking of ways we can expand into more of a web development company compared to a CAD/MDT organization. A step forward was getting all of our team members their own G Suite account, this means that they are now directly able to have people email them instead of our support line regarding any specific inquires. We do require our Customer Experience Specialists to communicate with any user or customer on company infrastructure.

What are our goals for this month?

We always set goals individually within the team, but we also have team goals. Here are some development goals we have for this month:

  • Finish all active custom orders
  • Finish the MDT page
  • Finish the help/contact page with mobile responsiveness
  • Create a pricing page that is responsive and can initiate checkout and setup

These are only some of the goals we’ve set for the month, I’m sure we’ll have more as we work to finish these specific ones!

Thanks for reading this month’s long update, we truly appreciate the patience and support you all have given us! Thanks again!

Johnny and the Afterthought System Team