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Partnership with Hosturly, LLC

On September 15, 2020, we officially announced a partnership between Afterthought System, LLC and Hosturly, LLC. This has been in the works for some time now, but we officially had all the legal documents signed for this partnership. Today, I want to talk more about what Hosturly is, why we decided to partner with them, and what they have to offer to our customers and users. In addition, I’ll also talk about what we are offering Hosturly, LLC clients.

What is Hosturly, LLC?

Hosturly, LLC is a server hosting provider providing cheap, high-performance, and reliable services. We were founded in January 2020 and are based out of Fresno, California. We are focusing on bringing quality services such as VPS, Game Server, Website, and Discord Bot Hosting. At Hosturly, we are trying to bring innovation to the hosting world. We have experienced employees who are all about helping the client and are very interested in establishing strong connections with our customers!

Why are we partnering with Hosturly, LLC?

Drake and I were reviewing Hosturly’s proposal for a while now, the first time we decided that the company wasn’t ready for this type of change yet. However, we did reconsider when Hosturly reached out towards the beginning of September. Drake and I reviewed it again and decided that we are ready to expand and make this change. Hosturly is a server hosting provider, and we believe that this is a service that relates to our business model. Although, our servers are hosted by AWS via our hosting provider, Bubble, our customers can use the services that Hosturly provides to whitelabel their CAD/MDT system, and host their own game servers.

What are they offering to our customers and users?

Hosturly has offered all Afterthought System users and customers 25% off their services. This includes their VPS, website hosting and so much more! This means that their VPS starts at $6/mo for Afterthought System users and customers, website hosting starts at $0.75/mo! All you have to do is punch in our promo code: Afterthought at checkout. In addition, Hosutrly will be advertising us through their social media platforms, and websites. This includes their Discord Server, Twitter account and much more! They are also powering this blog site!

What are we offering Hosturly clients?

We are offering Hosturly clients an opportunity to receive 20% off our regular priced CAD/MDT services. This doesn’t include individualized pricing. The pricing model is listed below. In addition, we will be providing advertisement for Hosturly through our social media platforms, and they will be on our partners page on our website once we launch Afterthought System 2.0.

PricingUser CountDepartment CountSubdivision Count
Starter Plan$4.80/mo50 Users5 DepartmentsUnlimited
Growing Plan$8.80/mo150 Users8 DepartmentsUnlimited
Master Plan$16.00/mo600 UsersUnlimited DepartmentsUnlimited
Supreme Plan$20.80/moUnlimited UsersUnlimited DepartmentsUnlimited
Pricing model for active Hosturly, LLC clients

If you are a Hosturly client, in order to redeem your pricing plan please reach out to our support team via email at [email protected]. The detailed process is listed below!

1. Send an email to [email protected] with the plan you would like to go with (We recommend sending an email instead of opening a live chat session as it allows us to verify that the client is the owner of the email address. However; you may still open up a live chat session, but there will be a verification process)

2. We will ask for your permission in order to reference and verify that you are an active client with Hosturly, LLC.

3. When approved, you will be given a custom code that you can use to claim your discounted plan

If you are interested in Hosturly services please check out the links below:

Website: https://hosturly.com
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/UCZQn9p
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hosturly

If you are a Hosturly client, please check out our links below:

Website: https://afterthought-system.com
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/stW6KXW
Twitter: https://twitter.com/afterthoughtsys
Blog: https://blog.afterthought-system.com

Questions or concerns about this article? Email [email protected]. If you are in need of support, please email [email protected].